ANNOUNCEMENT OF APPRENTICESHIP OPPORTUNITIES Please post in a conspicuous place Reproduce and distribute as necessary FOR THE TRADE OF: ELEVATOR CONSTRUCTOR NUMBER OF OPENINGS: As Needed OPENING AND CLOSING All a pplications must be completed online by visiting and clicking the link for Apprenticeship Opportunities. Select Anchorage AK recruitment. DATES FOR APPLICATION: Applications accepted starting at 9:00 AM on 05/20/18 and ending 9:00 AM on 06/04/18. PROGRAM SPONSOR: International Union of Elevator Constructors, Local # 19 Joint Apprenticeship Committee WHERE TO
The International Union Of Elevator Constructors Local 19 represents all union elevator constructors for Alaska, Montana, most of Washington, and parts of Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming. We currently have approximately 844 members with 677 in Seattle, 82 in Spokane, 42 in Montana and 43 in Alaska. We operate this geographical area with 4 hiring areas, Alaska, Seattle, Spokane and Montana. Your application is only for the area that is open at the time. You may apply separately to more than one area as well as the rest of the country. Seattle and Spokane are on a 2 year recruitment cycle and Montana
Helmets to Hardhats is a nationally run organization that helps transitioning veterans seeking employment in the trades. IUEC Local 19 utilizes H2H using the exact same standard that is applied to all applicants. The only difference is that H2H applicants can apply when we are not open for everyone. In order to apply you must have served within the last 5 years,register with H2H , then contact Jim Norris at . We are currently booked through 2018 with H2H applicants. The next opportunity will be the January recruitment. This recruitment will
For those who have applied to IUEC Local 19 . Local 19 has four separate hiring lists. Alaska, Seattle, Spokane and Montana. When you applied you were given a ranking number. Your number never changes, we simply hire off the list in order of ranking and as of 7/23/2018 are currently on : Alaska #6 Seattle # 67 ish . We expect to hire 10 to 15 more by the end of August, so if you are #70 or lower be ready. Spokane #1 Montana #3